Wonderful to see that Magebane has been picked up by the Science Fiction Book Club. Not only will that mean more readers will discover it, it means there’ll be a hardcover version, too!

Their description is nice, too:

Magebane by Lee Arthur Chane is that rare breed of novel—a brisk-paced, twist-filled stand-alone adventure of science vs magic!

Four centuries ago, a devastating revolution swept the world, and the arrogant MageLords, who had long ruled by spell power, were driven to a distant land, protected by a magical Barrier.

With magic banished from the rest of the world, the MageLords devolved into legend, and people turned to science to improve their lives. Meanwhile, behind the Barrier, the magic-wielders’ brutal rule has continued unabated.

But there are those who, for far different reasons, would change all that. And a young scientist’s apprentice who breaches the Barrier in a newfangled air-ship may be just the pawn they need….