Nominations are now open for the Prix Aurora Awards, presented annually by the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (CSFFA) for the best in, you guessed it, Canadian science fiction and fantasy. Under my other name, Edward Willett, I was fortunate enough to win an Aurora in Montreal in 2009 for Marseguro (that’s me holding the award, flanked by Betsy Wollheim, left, and Sheila Gilbert, right, publishers and editors of DAW Books), and my subsequent Edward Willett book, Terra Insegura, was a finalist in 2010. This year, Magebane is eligible. If you liked it, I’d be honored if you’d nominate it (and vote for it, too, of course, if ti comes to that!) But whether you want to nominate Magebane or not, I urge you to join the CSFFA* (it’s only a $10 fee, and it’s good for the whole calendar year) and nominate/vote for your favorites, as a way of showing your support for home-grown SF and fantasy.And here’s the link to do so!

*Yes, that’s a rule change: in the past, anyone could nominate but only members could vote. This year, you must be a member to nominate, as well.