From Publishers Weekly (starred review):

Chane makes a splash with this spectacular epic-feeling stand-alone fantasy debut…Double and triple crosses, fast-paced action, and powerful moral conviction will have readers hanging on every word.

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Magebane by Lee Arthur Chane is a stand-alone fantasy novel that… Wait. I’m going to stop there and let you read that sentence again. Yes, you read correctly — “a stand-alone fantasy novel.” Magebane is not part of a duology, quartet, or trilogy-to-eventually-be-expanded-into-a-number-to-be-named-later. So good for him… overall I enjoyed this read. It was a mostly fluid ride through an interesting set of situations with either likable good characters or interesting not-so-good characters…it kept me going straight through to a pretty strong ending… I happily recommend Magebane and I’ll certainly give Chane’s next novel a try based on this one.

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From Errant Dreams Reviews:

Lee Arthur Chane’s Magebane is an original and delightful tale of epic fantasy and magic, steampunk science, adventure, tragedy, and love. I enjoyed the self-contained nature of the book—it’s clear that the world has a great deal of potential for more stories, but you won’t get to the end of this one and feel frustrated waiting for the arrival of the next…

The characters are delightful; even the most monstrous of them has logically self-consistent reasons and justifications for what he’s doing, and the conspirators have a range of motivations that drive them—some altruistic, or seemingly so, and others not so much. The young heroes of the story (Prince Karl, Brenna—the ward of the worst of the conspirators, and Anton—the boy from beyond the barrier) display a believable mix of smarts and foolishness, courage and fear. There’s plenty of action and excitement to keep things going, and various events surprised me, which was fun.

If you enjoy fantasy, steampunk, and adventure, I think you’ll find Magebane to be a surprisingly delightful blend of the three!

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From Night Owl Reviews:

Evil wizards, multi-level conspiracies, magic, hidden kingdoms, cruel tyrants, usurpers, and a hint of steam punk. Lee Arthur Chane…has done a marvelous job of making all of this work together. Instead of being overwhelmingly complicated and difficult to follow with the danger of being boring, he manages to tie the different themes together into an entertaining, cohesive whole. The good guys do win, just not the way anyone expected. A very entertaining book, well worth the time.

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